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"Success comes from taking one positive step a day, towards our goals"

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About us

STEPs is enthusiastic about contributing to children’s development so they can make a difference in the future.


STEPs is not an acronym, but of a vision in itself.

The name stemmed from our fundamental belief that “success comes from taking one positive step a day, towards our goals” – hence STEPs.

STEPs is an independent educational program for kids & students from 2 to 18 years old.


These programs are specifically designed and differentiated to cater for independent groups and schools. Offering a unique and tailor-made experience for all those involved.

STEPs recognize the importance of a child’s all-rounded development, and engagement in learning through authentic life experiences.


We design our courses, programs and summer camp along the way with the primary objective of stimulating a child’s interests, and initiative in developing a habit in lifelong learning. Lifelong learning, just as it says, is a lifelong curiosity to seek knowledge and skills.


In the complexities of what we call life on Earth, where things change and new things are invented almost daily, to be able to navigate the world it requires an inhibition to learn consistently all throughout life – lifelong learning.


Our aim is to prepare young learners to not only succeed in school, but also when they are released from the security of academia and out into the world.

Jacqueline Kung Founder & Chief

Who We Are

STEPs is headed by Jackie (The Chief) who has involved in kids’ outdoor education since 1996 and supported by a team of experts who are passionate in education and children development.

Founder of a kids nurturing centre back in 2003 and the centre had attracted parents who truly care about their children’s all round development.

Jackie was among one of the first in Hong Kong organizing educational outdoor camps both locally and overseas. While she was an active member of JCI HK Jayceettes (one of the member chapters in the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong) and had successfully chaired the project bringing a group of Hong Kong kids to Yokohama, Japan for an exchanged program “Eco Friends” and also running Community Project “English In Action” jointly with TVB.


Her passion in nurturing our future leaders is just enormous.

We aim to prepare young learners for success while in school and after school

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