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Living Classroom

Living Classroom motivates children to grasp the value of life long learning

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Living Classroom

For many children, traditional classroom learning is not enough, and that is where “STEPs” comes in to support learning. A Living Classroom inspires children to recognize who they are, explore their potential and identify ways to “step” forward.


In addition to an academic-based focus, children will be encouraged to appreciate other cultures, learn conserve the environment (appreciating and valuing the planet they live on) and understand the intricacies of the differing relationships we have different aspects of the world. 

Learning stems from our experiences, and as such, the “Living Classroom” sets itself within anywhere but the classroom. It can be the natural environment, theme park, museum, market, beaches or camp site. We stimulate children’s enthusiasm for learning through interesting hands-on practice and real-life experiences.


Learning in a dynamic environment requiring active participation often generates significant and lasting impact. Children are able to apply these learning experiences to their daily life, enabling them to become more confident in problem solving. 

This channel takes upon the fundamental instructional approach, known as authentic learning or “learning by doing”.

Living Classroom motivates children to 

master an active learning style of life-long value. 

Our Living Classroom approach is interactive learning using hands-on experiences where activities are used as a means to discover individual or team ability and potential.  


It is most effective in the form of “Active Play Workshop or Camp” where students are exposed to a series of well-planned activities and challenges.  

Each program is designed to fulfil goals which are centered on

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Trust

  • Teamwork

  • Self-esteem.


Camps include diversity of fun and stimulating activities that build confidence and give a sense of self-worth.  The camp environment is always positive and supportive with team members having fun along the way.  


Students achieve a heightened respect for individual differences, a deeper level of integrity, compassion and courage.  


These qualities stay with them throughout their life, leading to more positive interactions with others including their peers, teachers, family and the wider community.

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