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Kids in Preschool

Active Play (for all ages)

Our boxes are 'all-ages' crates filled with projects to encourage scientific exploration and creative expression.


There are eight lines of crates, with each line tailored to specific age groups and interests, ensuring that each crate meets the needs of the child it is for.


For example, the Panda Crate line is designed for any child under 24 months old.

One Panda Crate included various toys designed to encourage a baby’s sensory development and sense of curiosity.


Panda Crates, and all other crate lines, are developed by experts to help children develop age-appropriate skills in fun, hands-on projects. Crates designed for older children are specialized in either STEM (such as the Tinker Crate) or the arts (the Doodle Crate).


Monthly subscription crates are the perfect tool to keep children of all ages actively learning throughout the year.

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Kid's Mentoring (5 - 9 years)

Mentoring enables children to have a positive support network around them.


The development of children is so important and having an encouraging influence in their lives to help them progress is vital. 


We believe mentoring helps to shape young children and equip them with essential life skills. The following are some of the reasons how it can help:


  • Care

  • Inspiration

  • Direction

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Social Skills

  • Key Learning

  • Educational Development

How mentors will work

A variety of methods will be used on the mentoring programme to ensure children will benefit from all of the reasons listed above. They will benefit greatly from this programme and hopefully, it will equip them with skills they can take with them throughout their lives. 


Price:    HK$350 per session (1 hr)

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"Be A Kidpreneur" (9 - 13 years)

"Be A Kidpreneur" works on building the skills and knowledge required to navigate the world and the emerging landscapes by incorporating Entrepreneurial ideals in the delivery of this learning aspect.


"Be A Kidpreneur" presented as hands-on experience so children will learn how to manage money effectively, allowing them to budget and save. They will also learn how to manage their time.


Both will give children practical experience in managing resources, a necessary skill for entrepreneurship.


Learning entrepreneurial skills can help children to become more driven and focused as they learn that they are capable of anything. By practising these skills in the real world, they will have the experience they need to "roll with the punches" and tackle anything life throws at them.

Note: The subscription is for self-learning only. 

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Discover Me (11 – 15 years)

Everyone possesses unique talents, but many young people are challenged in being able to accurately choose the path they take. With our systematic personal assessment and individual facilitation, we can help them to discover their own strengths and potential.


By learning more about their potential, students become more self-confident and motivated to succeed.


Discover Me utilizes a questionnaire to determine which of four personality styles is most applicable to a child.


Children can have one or a mix of two personality styles.

These styles help put into words for children how they work best so they have the vocabulary to describe what they need in their future endeavours.

The personality styles also give suggestions of skills that the child is already good at or would excel at.


Finally, Discover Me also has career recommendations according to personality styles, helping children to imagine their future goals.

Price:    HK$100 per report 

or you may wish to book a private session with report reading 

Rocket Blasting Off From Earth
Blast Off (15 – 18 years)

In order to succeed in this age of rapid advancement with overflowing information, self-understanding has to be complemented with fast and effective learning in order to keep abreast of time.


Our quick and easy training programs will help you develop suitable learning techniques based on your personal intelligence and attain your goals in confidence.


Blast Off helps young people develop in five key categories:

  1. Career Planning

  2. Promoting Yourself

  3. Getting a Job

  4. Personal Development

  5. Mind, Body, and Soul

Altogether, there are 27 lessons.

Lessons cover hard and soft skills – for example,

Blast Off will teach students how to write a resume and cover letter, how to manage money, and how to handle stress.


Lessons will also teach students how to be a leader in the workplace and how to make a memorable impression.


When a student completes all the Blast Off lessons, they will earn a certificate that they can put on their resumes to prove to potential employers that they mean business.  


Due to COVID 19, we are offering this program free until further notice.

Girl with ipad of my career match

My Career Match (16 -18 years)

My Career Match is an extension of Discover Me and Blast Off, and includes Career Profile, a tool for senior students to match personalities to careers.


Like Discover Me, Career Profile starts as a 15-minute quiz that identifies which personality styles the student has.


After completing the quiz, the student receives a report detailing which personality styles they most closely match to, presented as a graph for easy understanding.


The student’s Career Profile report then goes in-depth with 45 career suggestions for the student, as well as providing content for the student’s resume.

Price:    HK$100 per report 

or you may wish to book a private session with report reading

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