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2021 Summer School

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Are you looking to improve your child’s literacy skills? If the answer is yes, then look no further than our Literacy Summer School!


Children love a challenge, and the excitement of learning something new and previously unknown is often all the motivation they need. Grasping a brand new concept and then applying it gives them a sense of achievement, even more so when they have the opportunity to share it with others. When their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge is fuelled by stimulating content, you suddenly have a compelling resource that cuts through various typical learning distractions.


The magic happens when gamification compliments and inspires the learning process -it is a world of fun, discovery, and learning! Our Literacy Summer School provides literacy help for children by immersing them in a captivating experience that draws students into the literacy curriculum material. The fun and unique learning method entice them to come back for more, therefore enhancing their skills. 

Everything you need in one place!

Our online literacy activities for children cater to all ages and abilities under one user-friendly platform. Parents can feel reassured that their children get the literacy help they require as they log into a safe, intuitive. Interactive setting that is a world of discovery, filled with meaningful activities providing online learning within each literacy strand, including:

  • Phonics

  • Sight Words

  • Spelling

  • Grammar & Punctuation

  • Reading

  • Comprehension


Unique Features

  • Content variety -A wide spectrum of engaging and challenging online literacy activities and instant feedback provided to update students on their progress.

  • Literacy for young children –Their avatar within a journey-like environment accompanies juniors in younger grades.

  • Literacy for older children – The format for children in upper grades differs slightly and has a more mature, appealing, and user-friendly menu page to work from.

  • Recognition - Recognition of achievement (regardless of the result) is an essential tool for building confidence and offering motivation.

  • Personal Avatar – With recognition comes reward, and what better way than to spend hard-earned credits than accessorizing your very own avatar!

  • Reward Games – The more interactive literacy learning takes place, the more fun can be had, but only until those credits run out…!

  • Certificates – All students will be congratulated for their fantastic efforts and achievements with a personalized certificate.

  • Real-time reports – Monitor and track your student’s progress, ensuring you are always one step ahead.

  • Teacher/Parental Control – In just a few clicks, you can select and assign specific literacy activities for children to meet their individual learning requirements.

  • Auto Revision – Any areas that children are struggling with are automatically reassigned for them to retry later, ensuring they are getting the online literacy help they need -how cool!

  • Curriculum Aligned Content – The convenient curriculum alignment tool enables a teacher or parent to tailor instruction to align with literacy curriculum requirements.


Learning Options:            


Option 1 : Summer Literacy Challenge

Who is this for : Yr. 1 – 6 (based on 2021 school year level)

Date: 19 Jul – 20 Aug 2021 (5 weeks)

Price: HK$1,050 Per Student (5 weeks)

* Weekly live literary online gamification challenge (1hr).

* Weekly literacy homework assignment (allow 30 mins per day).

* Activities will be delivered in English.

* One-off payment (non-refundable).


Option 2:  Learn with a Private Tutor

Student Tutor: HK$1,350 Per Student

NET Teacher: HK$1,950 Per Student

* Weekly face-to-face or online literacy tutoring (1hr).

* Weekly homework assignment (allow 30 mins per day).

* Join our weekly live literacy online gamification challenge

* Tutoring delivered in English.

* One-off payment (non-refundable).


Our Numeracy Summer School will accelerate your children’s progress and provide the online numeracy help they require. As a result, children can learn comfortably, at their own pace. They will be guided through a series of fun, online numeracy activities and questions, where they will receive excellent support and inspiring rewards for their efforts. In addition, you will have the opportunity to track your child’s progress as they attain new skills and abilities form our innovative online maths program.


Unique features:


1. Wide range of maths concepts

Many mathematical problems are explored, such as shapes, numbers, patterns, and many more. The Numeracy Summer School is a fantastic tool for enhancing your children’s mathematical skills during the summer break and will give them the confidence to apply their newly acquired skills in a fun and engaging way.


2. All levels

We cover numeracy for all ages, from pre-k to 12th grade, and gradually advancing in difficulty from easy to more challenging.  


3. No special skills required

Visual learners will benefit greatly from our incredible supplemental math practising program because hearing skills are not required; this is immensely important to children with special needs or disabilities. Children who have not acquired advanced reading skills can practice their online maths skills and answer questions by speaking into the microphone - a fantastic resource for pre-schoolers! Parents can feel confident in our online numeracy learning that children are getting the help they need.


4. Virtual awards as motivation

Children are always excited by rewards - virtual ribbons, virtual prizes, hidden treasures, etc...), and this will encourage them at all levels. The more rewards they gain, the more likely they will want to continue learning and discover more prizes and gems as an incentive.


5. Error correction

Our Numeracy Summer School platform provides invaluable numeracy help for children in areas where they are struggling and need some guidance. Although the opportunity to re-do certain sections they have failed in and try again helps build confidence, there is also an explanation of the correct answer provided in the online numeracy activities.


6. Reporting & Analytics

A comprehensive report is available to highlight how much time your child has spent on a particular skill and what specific areas they might be struggling in. We also provide a breakdown of their maths skills, where you can gain an overview of their strong and weak areas and review their progress in a report.


7. Engaging and fun for kids

Children can work independently but will remain engaged and on track without the guidance of their parents.

Learning Options:            


Option 1: Summer Numeracy Challenge

Who is this for:  Yr. 1 – 6 (based on 2021 school year level)

Date: 19th Jul – 20th Aug 2021 (5 weeks)

Price: HK$1,050 Per Student (5 weeks)

* Weekly Live Numeracy Online Gamification Challenge (1hr).

* Weekly homework assignment (allow 30 mins per day).

* Activities will be delivered in English.

* One-off payment and non-refundable.


Option 2:  Learn with a Private Tutor

Student Tutor:  HK$1,350 Per Student

NET Teacher:  HK$1,950 Per Student 

* Weekly face-to-face numeracy tutoring or online tutoring (1hr).

* Weekly numeracy homework assignment (allow 30 mins per day).

* Join our weekly live Numeracy Online Gamification Challenge.

* Tutoring delivered in English.

* One-off payment and non-refundable.

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